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Alert! The Dark Shade is now looming above the world!

Unfortunately, the kingdom of Elor is not in a great state. Elorians call the current time period Dark Era since the people already experience the rise of the primordial Dark Shade. A being so powerful that enrages and empowers monsters, destroys civilizations and hunts down humans. Only the Gods may put an end to this being of the void. An end that will come through the four Promised Heroes – humans chosen by the Holy Quartet, the Gods themselves!

Shadow monsters!

During the Dark Era, the Dark Shade engulfs some monsters in shadow and darkness rendering even a small, helpless little critter into a powerful beast that no normal human can take down. It is a long-standing tradition to only let the Promised Heroes deal with this type of monsters. Otherwise, humanity will take too many casualties to even take down one of the Shadow Monsters.

Sometimes they act as obstacles for the progress of humanity and sometimes as guardians of old treasure, the Shadow Monsters are here to challenge the Heroes’ might and prowess. Take up your arms and unleash your most powerful spells! Craft your strategy and cleverly utilize your items in the inventory. Always be aware of your surroundings! By all means, be vigilant because these monsters are here for only one purpose: to stop the Holy Promise from being fulfilled!

Dark Shade - Shadow Monsters 1
Will the void ever stop spitting out Shadow Monsters? Hopefully, the Heroes will do something about this craziness and help the people.

Dark Shade means destruction and despair.

Evidently the Dark Shade is plain and simple destruction. Whenever it appears, the people know that they need to stick together and leave their homes to find a safe haven. That is the reason why King Dalin the first human king wrote down the Great Evacuation. This plan would lead all people in the kingdom towards the castle town in an ordered and safe manner so that the least amount of casualties would be suffered. The first Dark Era saw nearly the entire populace of Elor perish. That is exactly why the Great Evacuation was urgently planned. After the first Dark Era, all the other times the Dark Shade appeared, humanity knew what to do in order to protect themselves.

Once again, during this Dark Era towns, villages and settlements are in grave danger. Regular beasts, being led by Shadow Monsters, attack and destroy people’s homes. The army can only do so much. They cannot be all around the kingdom and fight every battle. The main focus is to protect the castle town and all the people that move in there for one reason. To buy time. Stall, for the promised Heroes to banish the darkness and put a stop to this Dark Era.

Dark Shade - destroyed village
One would swear that this place once was a lively village full of people…
Dark Shade - destroyed town
Evidently, this once big town saw the menace of the current Dark Era. Are the people alright though?

Dark Shade looms on the horizon…

In conclusion, the Dark Era is upon the kingdom of Elor. The people are waiting for the four Promised Heroes to fight against the Dark Shade! The world is nearly completely built but I want to include more things in it, so that the game becomes larger and more interesting! The Dark Shade idea began as a classic storyline, simple idea for a plain game and it became a truly amazingly epic adventure! I can’t wait to share more with you later on!

For now, keep on adventuring and I will continue sharing more information about the Dark Shade!


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