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About me

Hello! I am Orfeas, an indie game developer.  I try my best to create, polish and deliver old school, 2D, fantasy role playing games developed with the RPG Maker engine. The game developing journey started in 2015 with some personal but rather big projects. Later, in 2016, I released The Deal under my Orfeas Game Studio brand. The Deal was my very first commercial game, which was also a hit among the jrpg community on Steam and other platforms. After that, I continued creating games and I successfully released Aplestia, The Prophecy Lies!, A Spooky Teaparty, The Winter’s Deal – Frosty Edition, Shattered Worlds and Aplestia:Retold.

Why did I choose to do this for a living? Well, I loved creating games the very first time I tried doing that! Maybe it had something to do with the developing process being grindy and an ever-learning journey. The insecurity about the whole thing? Or even it was the feel when you release a product and people enjoy it and send you e-mails! Whatever that was that made me love what I do, it’s now done! By all means, I am a developer.

What about my games, though? My primary target when creating games is… pure fun! Chiefly, I focus on quest building and then on hidden places, secrets, long-lost lore and world exploration. Furthermore, I try introducing at least one new innovative mechanic in each game, be it in storytelling, in gameplay or any other sector.

To conclude my presentation, I created this development blog, most of all, to safeguard my mind through the tough times we are all going through and through the crazy grind called “game development”! In this site, I will be posting Orfeas Game Studio’s latest news about the currently developed game and provide you with some inside information about the latest game in the works.

Thanks for stopping by and stay safe!

My game studio: orfeasgamestudio.com

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