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Dark Shade assault: the powerful minions prepare to destroy humanity

Monsters! Monsters are everywhere! Whenever the Dark Shade materializes, a new Dark Era dawns signaling numerous vicious monsters to create chaos and wreak havoc in the kingdom of Elor. Since the days of old, humans protect themselves during each Dark Era either by evacuating remote areas or by leaving their plowshares down to grab iron swords. Unfortunately, it’s never enough. The monsters are many, ferocious and rarely take any prisoners. Only the Heroes are able to successfully defeat the beast hordes and their Shadow Monster leaders.

Dark Shade: monster arsenal

Shadow Monsters

As I have already explained previously, there are powerful monsters in this part of the world; the Shadow Monsters. These beings appear nearly exclusively during a Dark Era and tend to lead other, plain yet still frightful, monsters.

Obviously, these groups of monstrosities tend to infest places of importance. Old ruined shrines, lost forest groves, hollows below towns are only some examples of where you may come across such a group. The more monsters there are in the area, the more important the place. One would think that the Dark Shade’s influence tends to lead these beings to those places and act as guardians of something. Is it treasure safeguarded in there? Are there fragments of humanity’s hopes and dreams lying about? Only thorough exploration will answer these questions.

Dark Shade - Monsters featured
It seems that powerful monsters are always guarding something. What kind of treasure would this old water shrine contain?

Biting and gnawing, scratching and screeching, spellcasting and headbutting are only some skills these monsters may utilize to harm humans. Many such skills will cause negative effects to adventurers, namely Poison, Memory Loss, Disease, Paralysis and many more. Every human should have medicine or healing herbs at the ready if they want to survive the Dark Era.

Dark Era’s common monsters

It is widely known that during the period when the Dark Shade appears common beasts and even animals become fearsome and rampant. Evidently, no place in Elor is safe during this time. Monster fights are literally everywhere; from open fields and forests, to old caves and even places below inhabited towns! A rather sad example of that is the monster-packed sewage system of Thyanna, a once lively and vibrant town that was rendered a destroyed and abandoned place.

Dark Shade - Sewers part
Thyanna’s sewage system could be compared to a maze at a first glance. If you take a closer look though, you will see that it’s just a labyrinthian monster camp!

Dark Shade has a weakness: exploration!

Undoubtedly, during the Dark Era, people prefer to save themselves by grouping in a specific place so that they can protect one another. However, that is precisely when ancient secret spots and old mysteries emerge from the ground! Forgotten caves, unsolved puzzle rooms, ancient ruins full of riches and more are there waiting for the people to find them. Legend goes that those places contain fabled treasure; not only gold but also powerful weapons and pieces of armor that provide with amazing benefits!

Dark Shade - Brightnach Ruins room
Secret places can be found below the earth. Remnants of a once glorious past or places for old ancestors to hide from destruction of ancient Dark Eras?

Explore and you will prosper during the Dark Era! How to even start your expeditions? Well, accept seemingly random, small quests and you may find yourself in a mysterious, old treasure room! Speak with the people; you never know who holds information about points of interest. Take a closer look to spots inside rooms and caverns since there could be a secret room just in front of you!

What kind of treasure you find exploring, will dictate the difficulty of your journey. Delve into unlit caverns and investigate clues in rich dialogs and, you may find a way to acquire something unique and powerful! Fail to do so, and the Shadow Monsters will be a pain to be dealt with, regardless of the adventurers being the Promised Heroes or not.

Wrapping Up

As a result of the large monster and place numbers, you can tell that the Dark Shade gets bigger and bigger by the day. You will easily witness my grandest and most ambitious game yet! Thankfully, the project’s size is under control and I am now beyond the point of extra content addition. Currently, the game’s development is smooth and, without any problems, following the blueprint and game document. Still, I cannot provide with a definite release date but I can easily say that it’s going to be out this year and hopefully even in summer.

So guys, continue on with your adventures and I will update you on Dark Shade next time!


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