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Welcome to my development diary!

So, you found this secret place, adventurer. Excellent! That means that you enjoy exploring, finding secrets, solving mysteries, general fantasy settings, role-playing and monster slaying. How do I know this? Well, Orfeas games (my games!) offer exactly those type of experiences! Here, in this blog, I will be documenting my game development journey for the games I am currently working on. Hopefully, you will find some interesting stuff in here.

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This blog is a place for announcements, updates and other posts regarding my brand Orfeas Game Studio, the games I create and my development journey. Please, navigate through the main menu at the top or just check the latest posts below for easy access to the latest content.

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About Orfeas games!

In case you found this blog by mistake, here is some information about me and the games I create. All of my games are indie, turn-based, old school RPGs created with RPGMaker engine that mainly focus on exploration and questing. I try to change things up in every game so that not two games look or play the same but without them losing any old school feeling. In general, my games are more happy-go-lucky with a general mysterious and sometimes even dark atmosphere masked with optimism! If you want to learn more, click here!

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