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Dark Shade: Uncover the Powerful Lore of Old Eras

The mystical world of Dark Shade contains hidden, ancient secrets of goblins and humans that still await discovery. Let’s delve into the mysterious past of these two races, shedding some light on their histories. Of course, you need to explore the game to uncover more lore and read other blog posts for more details. Now, let your minds wander about the ancient riches and dangers that lie hidden, deep in the world of Dark Shade.

The Ancient Goblins in Dark Shade

Dark Shade - Ancient Lore

The Rise and Fall of an Advanced Race

In Elor, the goblins we encounter today are mere shadows of their ancestors. Long ago, goblins were a highly advanced race that wielded technology and magic beyond our knowledge. Grand cities, majestic temples, and beautiful shrines marked their ancient society. In addition to their technology, these works showcased their engineering and even magical prowess.

Despite their former glory, much about the old Goblins remains unknown. Historians and scholars throughout Dark Eras have only pieced together fragments of their lost civilization. People believe that they held skills and abilities that even now, after centuries, we struggle to comprehend their true potential.

The Majestic City of Saggarok

One of the most renowned goblin cities was Saggarok, a wide area with both suburban and urban sectors. Saggarok was famous for its majestic Temple and Ziggurat, both dedicated to an unnamed earth deity. Unfortunately, the exact location of its ruins remains unknown, adding to the city’s mystery. Explorers and scholars continue to search for clues that might lead to the discovery of this lost metropolis.

Dark Shade - Ancient Lore II

The Defensive Marvel of Cahre’Gon

Apart from Saggarok, there was another significant goblin city, named Cahre’Gon. This fabled city was the largest ever built by the goblins, featuring a massive castle within a cavern. The city’s defensive capabilities were mythic, making it a formidable stronghold. However, we are still unable to distinguish fact from fantasy about this glorious city. It’s also interesting that Cahre’Gon’s description bears a striking resemblance to Caleton castle town, the Elorian capital which also has a castle inside a cavern. Could there be a connection between these two cities? The similarities suggest that there might be more to this story, waiting to be uncovered by intrepid explorers.

Dark Shade: Goblin Ruins Everywhere

While venturing through this world, you will stumble upon many ancient goblin ruins. Relics of a truly old era fill these places! The ruins are not only a testament to the goblins’ old superiority but also a reminder of their powerful magical abilities. Explorers should try to delve deep into these ruins, as they might find hidden lore and ancient artifacts that reveal more about the goblins’ past.

On the other hand, we have the modern goblins. Nowadays, they are mere monsters, stripped of their former glory and reduced to an uncivilized, brute state. Of course, this fact raises many questions: What led to their downfall? How did such a powerful race become what they are today? Of course, the answers to these questions lie buried within the ancient ruins, waiting for you to uncover them.

Dark Shade - Ancient Lore III

The Old Humans of Dark Shade

The Struggle for Survival

The Old Humans were the first human in Elor. They lived in a time of great hardship and struggle. Unlike the advanced goblins, humans were still primitive, relying on simple farming, hunting, and gathering for their survival. Any kind of progress was painfully slow, and they used to face numerous challenges in building simplistic buildings and even crafting stone weapons.

Despite these difficulties and hardships, humans displayed remarkable resilience! Over time, they managed to establish small settlements, forge primitive, yet effective weapons and, even engage in battles against the goblins. This period of slow but steady primal advancement laid a solid foundation for their eventual dominance in the world of Dark Shade.

The First Hero and the Turning Tide

For many years, humans were losing battle after battle against the goblins. However, the tide turned with the first Hero, a mysterious figure who wielded some unknown magic! This Hero led his fellow humans to their first victory at the Battle of Faka’la. This triumph marked a pivotal moment in human history, as it not only boosted their morale but also showed humanity’s potential to challenge the goblins’ supremacy.

The first Hero’s magic was so unusual that it defies explanation, and only our imagination can catch a glimpse of its true power. After this great victory, the Hero continued to lead the humans in subsequent battles, eventually reaching, sacking and destroying the great goblin city of Saggarok. This marked the point of downfall for the goblin race and the new, emerging kings of Elor; humans.

Dark Shade - Ancient Lore V

Key Battles and Settlements

As mentioned before, one of the most important moments in the history of the humans was their victory in a cavernous place called Faka’la. Although the exact location of Faka’la remains a mystery, academics believe it to be somewhere in the west. One can only wonder what an explorer that finds such a place may uncover! Imagine the lore, the riches and maybe even, the monsters that could lie within!

Apart from battles, a great milestone in humanity’s history was the establishment of their first ever real, yet primitive, settlement just below Iron Mountain. Some scholars believe this site is the modern-day Roselake village. This settlement served as a crucial hub for humans early on, allowing them to grow stronger, stay more organized and protect each other. Word among researchers goes that humans built this settlement just before the war against the goblins started. Others think that the settlement never even existed and it’s just a myth of old. Another mystery in the Dark Shade’s box of secrets waiting for you to solve.

Even though Elorians now better understand the world around them, many questions about their ancestors still remain unanswered. What drove them to fight against such superior foes? Why was their overall progress so slow in the beginning? How did they manage to defeat the goblins? True explorers will need to search every corner of Elor and uncover the hidden truths of this ancient era to answer all the questions they may have!

Exploring the Lore of Dark Shade

Dark Shade is rich with history and mystery. The kingdom of Elor can be vast and contains ancient goblin sites, early human monuments, historic caverns, magic hollows and more! Every corner of this realm holds secrets waiting for you to discover. As you journey through the game, take the time to explore all these palces and piece together the lost history that still haunts humanity.

Reading other blog posts here, lore and codex entries within the game can provide valuable insight about the ancient times. Codex entries are pieces of story about a place or term that you can read in the game. These entries are unlocked and placed in a specific sector in your menu so that you can re-read them whenever you want. People say that unlocking all codex entries reveals more than just knowledge of the world…

Imagine the treasures and knowledge that lie hidden in the goblin ruins, the dangers that await those who dare to explore old magic caverns and, the secrets that will help you after reading old books! Let your curiosity guide you as you uncover the rich mosaic of past in Dark Shade.

Dark Shade - Ancient Lore IV


The ancient histories of the goblins and humans are crucial for you to understand the present. Goblins, with their advanced technology and magic, and the humans, who slowly but surely carved out their place in the world, both offer fascinating insights into the game’s lore. Explore the game and its many secrets and you can uncover more about these ancient races and their legacies. Prepare yourself for an epic journey of discovery, where every step brings you closer to the hidden truths of Dark Shade!


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