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The Dark Shade approaches! New ideas and big world!

Time has passed since the last update about this game and a lot has happened since then. Dark Shade acquired some new features, grew in size and engulfed itself in a mature, more dark atmosphere! Now, we can comfortably say that we are looking at a game that you can enjoy for many hours through exploration and battling and for many playthroughs due to the optional dialogs and side quests!

Fresh air for Dark Shade

Naturally, to save everyone from spoilers, I am going to be a bit generic about these current ideas. I may have implemented them in the game but I don’t want to spoil them! Let’s just say that my story telling style changed a lot in this game, for the better of course! Smaller cutscenes, “more showing – less telling” and passive lore provision through side quests, optional dialog options and readable material are only just a few of the things that changed in this game. Furthermore, a lot of places have appeared with many and interesting side quests now, making the game even bigger than anticipated! This is definitely going to be a huge release so stay tuned!

Brand new ideas

There are some new mechanics implemented like digging up items from specific spots, obstacle destroying and new puzzles. Well, Dark Shade has a lot of new puzzles like ancient symbol hunting, correct switch order choosing, boulder pushing and much more! The players can do all of these in a way so that they can feel rewarded after exploring the game’s world.

On another note, new and different places, new points of interest and many new and interesting characters are awaiting to be met with the Promised Heroes! To find all of these, you need to lead the Heroes through all sorts of enviroments: designated dug-up, optional caverns, forgotten ruins and ancient shrines, secluded forests, mountainsides and much more!


I don’t want to share too many details as of yet, in chance I decide something’s going to change later on. But, here are a couple of screenshots of Dark Shade. I do not reveal too much here, but at least you are going to have a small sip of the upcoming game’s intoxicating splendor!

Interesting and strange holes in this forest area… who knows what happened here…
Some fields that hosted a big battle between the kingdom’s forces and monsters some time ago. That ruined watchtower has surely seen better days.


All in all, the Dark Shade is slowly coming to its development cycle’s end. Only some dungeons and a some side stories remain and, of course, the beta testing. The debugging process, however, is going to be long due to the game’s open-world-y nature and new systems. For now, keep on adventuring and I will be informing you later on about the game’s development!


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