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Dark Shade! This is my upcoming game! Learn more!

Dark Shade is the new and upcoming game that is currently in development. This classic RPG with many twists and turns and loads of features is going to be released before summer 2023! The game has been in development for some months and promises to keep you entertained for many hours.


Every some 200 years a sinister monster appears. It enrages monsters, wreaks havoc among the people and brings dreariness to people’s lives. The humans have a name for this being: the Dark Shade. This dark monster is powerful and unstoppable when at full power… but humanity still has hope. It comes from a promise the Gods made to humans eons ago.

“When the virtuous and chosen find the divine emblems and come together,

with the assistance of humankind, they will find the Dark Shade and banish it.

Until the Dark Shade reappears, humans may reevaluate their ethics and strengthen

their belief to the gods. Wait and humble yourselves for your borrowed salvation.”

the Divine promise

What is Dark Shade?

Dark Shade follows a classic RPG storyline, meaning “you get your heroes and you know who the bad guy is”. However, as is a staple of my brand Orfeas Game Studio, you just have to expect many twists, quests, explorable places and mysteries! Ancient ruins, towns, forests, caves, mountains and many more places are filled with monsters, loot and lore.

I have paid a lot more attention to dialogs, lore and character analysis this time around, trying to deliver an all-around great experience from all standpoints; story, characters, gameplay and world building. Moreover, in this game, you will get the chance to experience different outcomes from different options through the game offering a different flavor for every new playthrough.


Several new features are going to be introduced in Dark Shade. Namely: a dynamic character percentage for each hero will dictate new questlines, extra dialog options and more; a unique combat mechanic, for the ranger hero, in form of traps; out of battle skills and stat checks for opening up new areas; level-up experience from finding lore codex and more. I will not mention more features or details since the game is still under development and things might change.

Dark Shade Screenshots

A picture is worth 1000 words, so here are a couple of screenshots to take a general feeling of the game’s atmosphere.

Dark Shade - Ruins of Lem
Edon found himself in some ancient ruins! Can he find the exit before it’s too late?

Dark Shade - Forbidden Sector
Marione and Josh are navigating through the Forbidden Sector. Why are they even there?

Dark Shade - Whiteveil Mountainside
Galot is scouting the area of Whiteveil Mountainside. What mysteries lie here?

More screenshots featuring more characters and places will be released soon. Currently, I am overly focused on the game, trying to create a vast new world, full of fantasy and mystery.


Lastly, I have to say that development of Concord Era: Volatile Energy has not stopped! I am trying my best but that game grew in size a lot. In fact, we are looking at over 60 side quests, a ton of different monsters, skills, items, equipment and many polished features. Thus, I need more time for that game and, in fear of an imminent burn-out, I decided to focus on Dark Shade for the time being. Hopefully, that’s alright with you all! See you in the next post and until then… keep on adventuring!


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