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New Game! Half way through the development!

Hello everyone! Just posting this update to inform you that I am half-way through the development of my next, big new game called Concord Era: Volatile Energy! This game is going to be very big with a lot of explorable places, secret areas and much more. I am going for over 50 side quests and definitely more than 15 hours of gameplay which essentially makes it my biggest and (hopefully) most prominent project yet!

Concord Era: Volatile Energy showcase

Unfortunately, at this stage of development, I cannot show you too much! However, I took a couple of screenshots just to show you what am I working on. Here, take a look:

A town located on a cliff
Old ruins basement

Obviously, you can’t extract too much information from a couple of screenshots, but I hope that you got the atmospheric feel that I am going for. This game is going to be a bit more serious than the usual ones but will definitely proudly bear the Orfeas mark!

Features I am currently developing

Mail system. Characters in the game will send you mails with new quests, thank you gifts or more information. This is going to be an important feature of the game if you want to experience its entire secondary content.

Quest Subcategories. Apart from main and side quests, I am developing Companion quests and Reminders so that you will never forget something important. More on companion quests in a later post.

Companions. Some characters, after you complete a small quest for them, may decide to follow you in your travels and even provide you with extra, unique services! This feature is similar to the “Camp” system that I had in The Deal and The Prophecy Lies! but is designed to be more flexible and easy to use.

Skill books. Usable items to teach either unique or common skills to your characters. This system was used in The Deal and now I am bringing it back improved and more concise.


The release date is currently unknown and I seriously don’t want to provide too much information on that. Last time I gave a release date, I failed miserably! So, this time, I will be keeping you informed with these blog posts and maybe even on my forum. Thank you for reading!


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