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Aplestia:Retold is coming!

Aplestia:Retold is now released! Check it out on the store or click here!

A new game, Aplestia:Retold, is coming very soon on our site! Be ready to embark on a old-new adventure that unravels the first adventure of Britton, Summer, Marina and Rover, the amateur adventuring team on their very first S Class Quest. Aplestia:Retold is the reworked and remade version of the old game Aplestia.

New quests, characters and stages are introduced! Preexisting places are now at least double in size and their layout has been changed to promote visual and navigational diversity. A trusty Quest Log has been added to help you complete the 26 side quests that appear on Aplestia island as well as a handy Notepad that is accessible through the menu! Moreover, brand new enemies, mechanics, skills, states and spells are also here! Thus, Aplestia:Retold introduces a large variety on every aspect as a result of so many additions that will hook you for over 12 hours of adventuring!

Furthermore, Aplestia:Retold offers a treat to the lovers of exploration! 6 secret rooms (with a visual cue) and 10 super secret rooms are waiting for you to find them! What lies inside them? What rewards await for the explorer who finds them all? Only the best explorers will find the answer!

Lastly, a premium 65 A3 page Walkthrough Guide is also ready to help you with this adventure! With it, you will be able to learn about the secrets of the island, the enemies and the questlines available! The guide follows a play-along walkthrough so it will make the best game companion especially for your first playthrough, if you choose to acquire it!


Aplestia:Retold will be available at the price of 12.99$ this weekend! The Walkthrough Guide’s price will be 5.99$ and is optional.

Until then, here’s the trailer:

Here is a video link in case you cannot see the video player: Aplestia:Retold Trailer

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