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Shattered Worlds 1.0.3

Shattered Worlds has been updated to version 1.0.3. Some small things were fixed and some more dialog/information was added. In more detail:

A] Fixed a tile of Ekino Town on the overworld.

B] Added hint about the switch in Gargonda Cave.

C] Fixed a wrong position of a gold tile in Quetzalcoatl Cave.

D] Added more information about the Void Vines and the Purification Infusion in Dothe Town’s houses.

E] Game Notes free pdf has been updated with information about all three energizing utility infusions, how they work and where and how to find them.

This version is not a must-have per se, but it’s best to always have the latest version of a game. Thank you everyone for the patience and understanding during the release week!

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