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Spooky and Winter updates

A Spooky Teaparty and The Winter’s Deal – Frosty Edition latest updates. Be sure to have the latest and best versions of these games!

A Spooky Teaparty v1.0.3b, fixed:

A] Cauldron Skeleton in Forgotten Forest could not count your Junk Items properly the second time you talk to it. Now, it’s fixed. That’s it.

The Winter’s Deal – Frosty Edition v1.1.0, fixed:

A] Some typos here and there.

B] The Quest Bubble icon of the character, who gives the Exterminators II quest was changed to be “above” instead of “same” level to the player.

C] The Secret Rooms quest was fixed to be marked as “completed” by the game. This was an aesthetic change.

D] Antidote icon was changed. It was using the same icon as Elixir C, which was not intended.

E] 9 Lost Presents quest reward was fixed. If player would speak to the lady for the first ever time, with all 9 Lost Presents already collected, the reward would be a duplicated Juju Muju.

F] The gargoyle in Snowbelle Port would check for 5 burned gargoyles, instead of 7 and would prompt a message. Now it’s fixed.

To update your game: Uninstall the current version from your PC. Download the game, again, from the link in the e-mail you received after purchasing the game. Install. Done!

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