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Version 1.0.1: The Prophecy Lies

The Prophecy Lies has received its first update, pushing the version number up to 1.0.1 from 1.0.0. We addressed a game breaking bug/oversight, that will be explained later below.

The fix was easy. Unfortunately, if you encountered this bug, the cutscene after the crystal may not make much sense. If you, for some reason, saved the game AFTER the bug appeared and you are frozen, send us an e-mail and we will provide you with a file that you need to manually replace.

Now, this version is not for people, who: have passed the Ancient Water Temple without problems or are to finish the Ancient Water Temple without returning the Family Heirloom, yet. So, not everyone needs to update their game. In essence: do not return the Family Heirloom before finishing with the Ancient Water Temple.

You need to update the game if, in your save file, you have returned the Family Heirloom (and thus completed the quest) and you have not yet finished with the crystal in the Ancient Water Temple.

To update the game, you just need to uninstall the current version normally as you would do with any software. Then, redownload the game from the link in the e-mail you received after purchasing it. Install the new version and done! No save files or configurtion data will be lost.

The actual bug: Before finishing with the Ancient Water Temple; if player has Myron in their party and found the Family Heirloom, then proceeded to return this item to Myron’s father-in-law and then went back to finish the temple by interacting with the crystal, the game will freeze, because it was expecting Myron to be in the party.

Just interact with the crystal first and then finish the Family Heirloom quest!

Apologies for the inconvenience!

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